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Sinful art of audio | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Sinful art of audio

Focal Electra 1038 BEMany of life’s pleasures are considered sinful. If the measure of ones satisfaction is declared as sin then my relationship with Audio is wrong.

I have music playing every day, in the showroom and at home. I listen to music from wireless systems, sound bars and stereo systems ranging from moderate to quite high end. I use digital media, CD’s and Vinyl Records. I can honestly say that I am able to enjoy the resulting systems despite their value and I don’t normally judge equipment based on how much it costs.

So what is it about High End Audio Equipment? Why do some people spend so much money on speakers DAC’s amplifiers and decks? Why do we invest so much time in placement of the equipment the angle of the speakers and what cable is connecting all the bits together? Why do we walk around the room clapping out hands and looking with intent gaze around the room for some feedback or signal from another universe?

In any endeavour we have varying levels.

We can buy a $10,000 car or a $250,000 car – each will do essentially the same thing, there will be 2 or 4 doors, there are 4 wheels, there is a motor and an instrument cluster.

We can buy a $12 bottle of wine that is quite drinkable or we can spend $40 to $400 in any bottle shop for a bottle Cabernet that can be enjoyed with the perfect steak and 3 veg combo.

Is it just because we can afford more that we spend more? Sure for some this applies, but for many it is about the journey not the destination, about the sensation not the drink.

On the weekend I setup a pair of Focal Electra 1038 BE loudspeakers $15,000 with the Krell Vanguard integrated Amplifier $10,000 and a Musical Fidelity M6 CD Player $4500. I spent some time looking at the room layout made some changes, positioned my chair and played some music. I stopped, stood up, adjusted the speaker angle, moved them a little closer to the wall and sat down again.

I played music listened to music and enjoyed music. I forgot I was sitting in a showroom in a shopping center in the middle of Mona Vale on a busy intersection. I forgot I was at work. I closed my eyes and just let the music wash over me. It was refreshing. It was clear. It was immersive.

I was playing the same music, in the same place where I play music everyday, but it was different.
Like the fog had cleared and I could see the horizon. Like the filter had been cleaned and air was rushing in.
It was not that I was hearing things I had never heard before, and not for one minute am I saying I was enjoying the music for the first time because I have always enjoyed listening and singing along to my music no matter what system it is being played through, but there was a level of clarity and depth that was new, exciting and involving.

So that's what it is all about!
The same place the same music but different journey. A more involving journey. A more memorable journey. Something aspirational that may be hard to explain to your friends, but one sip of that wine, one lap of the track or one song is enough to give you that lasting impression and every thing is clear. The heightened senses that excite, the adrenalin and rush of power and the clarity that washes over you like a fresh brook on a hot day.

Fine Wine
Exotic Sports Car
High End Audio

All worth trying at least once in your life because life is just too short for ordinary.

Still not sure what all the fuss is about call us on 80883088 and make time to a listen for yourself.

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