Home Automation made simple!

Home Automation Clare Control Systems

Simple solutions designed to enhance your entertainment experience

Automation systems are designed to enhance your entertainment experience and to allow you the simplicity of controlling multiple devices at the same time with a touch of a button.

In a living or media room where there is a TV or projector, electronics such as receivers, blu-ray player, Foxtel and game consoles, the automation system will enable you to activate any or all devices and replace all the remote controls so you have less clutter. True ease of use is what you are after.

Want to watch Foxtel? - simple, just press the Foxtel button and the system will turn on the TV, Foxtel and Receiver will then give you your channel selection.

We can enhance this experience by turning off your lights, closing your blinds and even setting the right room temperature. Further we can control the lights in other rooms, lock or open doors, check the CCTV and see who is at the door and so on.

About Clare Control Systems

Clare Control makes home automation simple. They are an innovative home automation provider built on a pair of founding principals:

  • Make the product simple to install and maintain
  • Make the product simple to use, and give customers the most control over their own automation experience

ClairHome gives user simple control over affordable, luxury-level home automation solutions and deliver popular applications including.
ClareHome Controls

ClareHome systems runs 100% independently on a powerful in-home controller. But is is managed and maintained remotely via Clare's cloud-based technology ecosystem directly from your iPad or smart device. So if you loose your controller or have to get a new one, just login and your system is up and running.

Call in to our showroom on the corner of Mona Vale Road and Pittwater Road and talk to Mick and the team. If you can't come to our showroom, not a problem, we can come to you.

Call us on 02 8088 3088 or send an email to info@sydneyhifimonavale.com.au and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.