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About us / Meet the team

Meet the team

We're all audio and visual professionals, each with a wide range of experience and knowledge. A team that goes above and beyond to share their audio/visual passion and interests, even starting back 30 years ago. Whether it's technical or understanding the basic's, we'll listen, support and make sure you're always left with either the product you're after or a step in the right direction.

Clients are travelling near and far to engage with our team of experts as finding the right solution for your Home Entertainment and creating that perfect home sound is what we do best. There are no limitations to what we can create, working with your budget.



It all started with a deep passion for home entertainment. Watching movies and listening to music always excited me to understand how producers and artists created their stories. I take pride in helping customers experience what the artists intended by designing systems that will immerse people into the movie or song. Proud to be a Krix certified home cinema designer.



Always eager to please exceptional customer service skills. Known as the back bone to the company keeping the operations and logistics in check.


Sales Assistant

Passionate about creating music and putting on a show for people.

Trained audio engineer with a keen interest in DJ life.