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AV Cabinets and Racks

Are you looking for an AV Cabinet or Rack for your Hi Fi equipment?

We have partnered with Ben Burton Acoustics superb quality Australian made HiFi Racks by a team of Acoustic, Structural, Mechanical and Metallurgical engineers. 


Timeless Superb quality HiFi shelving system is available to be configured with, two (2) different leg configurations, (either three or four) and five (5) different leg lengths or a custom size length.

Using only the highest quality available while adhering to the most stringent environmental standards of Australia, this is a adaptable rack that offers you a stable and stylish platform for your HiFi or home theatre components. 

Maximum stability and remarkable weight tolerance of 50 kg per shelf.

Shelf details:

The density and hardness of the material used for shelves affect the tonal quality of sound. Beech Wood is one of the main materials used for Piano Pin Blocks due to it’s acoustic and mechanical qualities. Amplitude of resonance and reflection of sound in denser and harder materials is large and the sound of notes is not as evenly distributed.

These shelves offer the beauty and acoustic performance of real Beech wood applied as thick veneer on all sides of MDF core to achieve the remarkable weight tolerance of 50 kG per shelf. The network of wood/MDF cells work to convert sound energy into heat energy through frictional resistance and vibration. The internal friction within timber allows wood to dampen sound more than many other types of materials. 

Leg details:

The shelving features precision milled stainless steel legs with solid stainless-steel coupling inserts and decoupling spikes.

Offering a unique Uni-Metal Structure, the design avoids a condition known as Bimetallic corrosion is an electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes preferentially when it is in electrical contact with another.

Available Leg Lengths (including Spike):

  • 90 mm (351 g per leg)
  • 135 mm (410 g per leg)
  • 180 mm (477 g per leg)
  • 225 mm (534 g per leg)270 mm (605 g per leg)
  • Custom Sizes are also available upon request 
  • Dedicated turntable platform – Turntable Didgeridoo Tier is available and includes Spikes (No Legs) to properly support your pride and joy.

    Locally made, beautifully designed Australian product that will last for years to come.


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