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Audio Visual Installations

Audio Visual Installations

Professional Installation Services for Home Theatre, Surround Sound and MultiRoom Audio

Including Calibrating, Instructions, Demonstration.

Simple installations can still be problematic, mounting TVs on walls, trying to hide the cables, setting up a wireless multi-room audio speaker system's. But don't worry, at Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale we have expert installers that can take away the hassle, clean up the mess and even provide you with the skills to operate your new system.

Renovating or Building your Dream Home?

Our team can take your concept right through to completion.

  • 1. Come in to our showroom for inspiration , or a display of what is possible - if you don't have time to come and see us, no problems, we can do a home visit.
  • 2. Bring in your house plans and let's start the understanding process of your entertainment requirements.
  • 3. Do you have an interior designer? If so, we would arrange a meeting to better understand the interior layout and design. This allows us to start thinking about the most appropriate products including their visual attributes, whether we are going with hidden technologies or specific aesthetics to assist in blend and complement the chosen space.
  • 4. Site visit. Depending on the project progress, we may need to plan a site visit, which will allow us get a perspective of the space and will assist with our product recommendations.
  • 5. Product proposal. Once we have identified the client expectation and budget, we will create the product proposal for review where we will explain the products and technologies. Here we can identify any potential installation complexities and look to finalising the system design.
  • 6. Installation planning. Upon acceptance of the system proposal, we would plan the remaining process - as every installation is different and time frames can vary.
  • 7. Site meetings with other trade will ensure work schedules are kept, installation dates will be locked and communication between project manager / owner maintained.
  • 8. Customer training. On successful completion of installation, training on all products, technologies and controls will be provided to ensure competent operation by all family members.
  • 9. Customer support. The responsibility continues long after the installation, we are here to support you. If a problem arises, we will assist to get you back on track as soon as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your entertainment solution. We offer both over the phone support and ad-hoc onsite support.

Book a time with our Hi Fi experts for a consultation in our showroom, booking ahead of time will make sure you are given the time to discuss all your questions.

Onsite consultations are available upon request.

Call us on 02 8088 3088 or send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.