Acoustic treatment | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

How to Improve your sound system cost effectively.

by Lee Mcdonald October 18, 2018

One of the hard working employees from Naim Audio has imparted some words of wisdom stating that if you improve your system 1% or 2% here and there eventually you have gained a 10% or more improvement. Every component you add to your signal path has an impact on the final sound

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Choosing a turntable | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Choosing a turntable and what level to start at.

by Lee Mcdonald August 06, 2018

Why do we listen to vinyl still?

There is something magical about listening to a record that’s different to listening to a digital file. It seems to sound warm, open, detailed, dynamic, spacious, deep, 3 dimensional, smooth and inviting with the perception that you are in the same space

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Audio Formats, Sound Sources & Playback

Audio Formats, Sound Sources & Playback

by Lee Mcdonald July 27, 2018

Technology is always evolving. Product designers look at the different ways we listen to music and try to develop products to specifically suit those needs. We can listen to music individually on our phones with wireless ear buds or headphones while we catch the bus to work.

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Do you want a better sound system without spending any money? Blog

Do you want a better sound system without spending any money?

by Mick Stillone June 05, 2018

The best things in life should be free, walk along the beach, gazing at the stars improving your sound system..


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Ortofon cartridge | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Getting more mileage out of your records.

by Lee Mcdonald May 10, 2018

There is something magical about music that we all love. The great thing is that we all get excited by different genres and styles because we are all different. It can shape our mood and make us feel a certain way. It’s like an extension of our soul. Certain music can have special memories attached to them that have a deeper meaning and this can be shared with others or totally personal.

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Vinyl records | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

OFF THE RECORD! - Vinyls revival

by Blake Coppell April 16, 2018

Leading up to Record Store Day (April 21st), it seems appropriate to look at the new trend regenerating record sales to the highest sales for vinyl in 17 years! 12 years in a row, vinyl sales have risen. We can see it in our store, customers young and old scrolling through our vinyl selection. Sydney Hi-Fi Mona Vale

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