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Over Ear Headphones

Over Ear Headphones favor comfort and sound. Ideally it's the large dynamic drivers that make this style shine, with headphones - comfort is often overlooked. Over Ear Headphones, provide hours upon hours of comfort. 

They come in three designs

Open Back - Let's air in/out - Great for getting "Natural sound". Gives you a more open space, clear sound. Generally shines on the mid's to highs, guitar strings and piano keys as an example

Closed Back - Focused more on noise isolation. you'll notice low end more on closed back, due to isolating external noise/no air flow. Not as clear vocals as lets say an open back pair, but you're prevent external noise, or some would say - Environmental noise. 

Semi Open Back - Is a combination between the two. It takes that low end closed approach, but leaking a bit of air in to make vocals a bit more warm and clear. Does that mean Semi open back is the best? No, not at all.. It's all preference. Consider it an inbetween. 

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