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Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale's Blog

  • New to Hi Fi | Blog | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale
    January 30, 2018 Lee Mcdonald

    New to Hifi? Read this first….

    To all the people who might be ready to enter the wonderful world that is high fidelity audio, I wanted to share my experiences from the perspective of a novice coming into the store for the first time. Hopefully this will benefit anyone who may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the process of narrowing down the right products for you. If our roll is to assist you in the process then the more informed you are the better the job we can do for you.
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  • When is the RIGHT time to upgrade my AV equipment?
    January 13, 2018 Mick Stillone

    When is the RIGHT time to upgrade my AV equipment?

    Most products have a technical life span of 5 to 7 years. This is the time where technology has moved on to a point of functional replacement and a physical lifespan of 9 to 12 years depending on where you live. Closer to water then you can take a few years off due to salt and humidity; in a cool clean climate add a few years. Speakers can last the longest up to and well beyond 25years; most speakers are replaced due to aesthetic deterioration rather than component failure.
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