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Simply want to enhance your living spaces with great music and entertainment systems?

No two customer's are the same, every entertainment need is different, the level of quality demanded, the aesthetic appeal, the function.

We look at designing an entertainment system around your specific needs and expectations.

  • Where will sound best work in your space
  • Do you want to hide the audio or are you wanting to make a statement
  • What type of TV will best suit your needs
  • Integrating entertainment systems into living spaces
  • Outdoor audio / entertainment rooms
  • Room acoustics and Lighting control
  • Control systems that integrate with lighting systems
  • How best to run and hide cables not just for visual but optimal lengths for best performance

Our experienced staff will help design the best hi fi and entertainment system solution for you and your home or room layout. Let us break down the jargon, technology options and advise the right products. We supply all the major brands and provide user training and after-sales trouble shooting - should you need it.

For builders, architects, electricians and interior designers :

Consult the specialists! Come talk to us about the best options for your customers and their budget. Involve us early in your project for the best results, or bring us in when you need us – we love a challenge! We can create innovative solutions to fix any Hi Fi issue!

Importance of Design and Planning:

The design and planning process for any entertainment system will ensure you get the right solution and will inevitably save you money. We have seen many mistakes being made when attention to detail is overlooked, especially incorrect placement of speakers and incorrect cables being used which has lead to great disappointment.  

Our approach is a little different. We like to take the extra time to ask questions so we can understand clients expectations.

If you are planning a new build we can help with pre-wiring diagrams. This will give you peace-of-mind, save you dollars and allow you to make the right choice when the time comes to decide on Hi-Fi equipment. Electricians love following our wiring diagrams.

Retrofitting can be a little tricky and this requires a different approach. This is our area of expertise and we love a challenge.

Our goal is to make things simple to use while achieving the best sound possible, and most importantly suit your individual needs.

Our process is to book a time with one of our designers in our showroom. We recommend allowing a minimum of 1 hr, bring in plans with the wish list.  We prefer that we meet with all parties this will ensure that we can all answer everyone's concerns. 

After the first visit we can walk you through the steps involved.

Call us on 02 8088 3088 or send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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