Grande Utopia EM FloorStanding Loudspeakers


Focal Grande Utopia EM's are simply the very best speaker Focal manufacture and with that in mind its simply amazing to see how their many technologies have culminated into such an incredible product, truly an icon.

The Grande Utopia EM is considered to be one of the best loudspeakers in the world. Focal's most advanced concept and the ultimate reference of the brand. 260kg, more than 2 meters high, exclusive technologies and unique design for an absolutely outstanding high-fidelity loudspeaker.

Since its launch in 1995, the Utopia range has been the driving force for Focal’s innovations: the ‘W’ cone, Focus Time, Multiferrite, Beryllium, Power Flower, OPC, Gamma Structure, to name a few... The Utopia III range was the proud heir of this highly technological heritage. It has also brought about the new revolution of the Electro-Magnet woofer, while optimising the innovations it inherited.

Grande Utopia EM has every advantage on its side: this majestic loudspeaker is fully articulated and offers 1,458 possible settings for fully-customisable sound. The high-fidelity loudspeaker is the ultimate reference in the Utopia III range, a symbol of luxury and innovation which refuses all compromise in order to offer you the best high-definition sound in the world.

The Utopia III range also represents an exclusive design for prestigious and unconventional loudspeakers. Through the brilliance and purity of their design, the shape of the loudspeakers in this range has been simplified as much as possible to eliminate anything superfluous. Extraordinary performance and a unique style: the Grande Utopia EM isn’t just a technological monument, above all else, they are an acoustic sculpture.

Each speaker driver module is separate. The several enclosures of the Utopia III and Grande Utopia EM loudspeakers are articulated like a spine. They can be orientated using a lever. This adjustable Focus Time function allows you to fine-tune the sound image to perfection according to your interior.

Technical Specifications

4-way, floorstanding bass-reflex loudspeaker


Electro-Magnetic 16" (40cm) “W” woofer

Multiferrite 11" (27cm) “W” midbass

2 Power Flower 61/2" (16.5cm) “W” midrange drivers IAL2 pure Beryllium inverted dome 1" (27mm) tweeter

Frequency response (+/- 3dB)

18Hz - 40kHz

Response at - 6dB


Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m)


Nominal impedance

Minimal impedance

Filtering frequencies

80Hz / 220Hz / 2200Hz

Recommended amp power

50 - 1500W

Dimensions (H x L x D)

7913/16 x 253/4 x 345/8" (2012 x 654 x 880mm)


573.2 lb (260kg)