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Krix - MX40 - Modular Cinema Speakers

by Krix
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The long await is over with Krix now taking orders for the amazing MX40 Infinite baffle wall.  In order for this system to sound right you will need a little guidance so please contact us and speak with our Krix certified Cinema designer for a detailed design.

The MX-40 screen speaker system is the first in the Series MX range to incorporate a 3-way design – delivering an incredibly smooth, consistent and compelling experience that encompasses the true dynamic power and clarity of real cinema sound.

Much like the MX-30, the MX-40 is best suited to larger home cinemas that are five to fourteen metres in depth. The new 3-way design features a dedicated high frequency compression driver and newly engineered 152mm midrange driver, both coupled to a brand new single-mould, dual-horn system that has been developed by Krix over three years. Principle benefits of the horn are a uniform, constant directivity pattern, improved frequency response and extremely low distortion, even when pushed to extreme sound pressure levels.

The 380mm bass drivers are made from a high stiffness paper cone, with a 77mm voice coil for increased linear excursion and a powerful vented magnet assembly lowers distortion.

Each of the two subwoofers contain a 455mm driver with 100mm voice coil, dual spider and vented magnet assembly for clean, tight and powerful bass that you’ll hear… and feel.

The MX-40 is the first Series MX system that is bi-ampable and incorporates two pairs of binding posts per speaker module. The patterned acoustic material on the front baffle gives the unit a refined style and increases the overall surface area of absorption.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.