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Wireless Connectivity / For New and Old Systems

Wireless Connectivity / For New and Old Systems

Bluetooth and WiFi, What They Can Do For Your Hi-Fi System


The way we listen to our music through the home has changed, is still changing and will continue to change in the future. 

Long gone are the days we switch on our electronics, dust off a vinyl record, find the track we're looking for and lower the tonearm. Well, or so some of us think. With all the modern wireless connections and technology available, surely there's no place for analogue audio sources anymore, and therefore, no place in my living space for my old Hi-Fi equipment, right?


Here's where we can help.


Sentimental attachment to Hi-Fi equipment is something we most certainly understand. There are plenty of options to adapt our modern technologies to existing systems of varying forms, shapes and sizes. 

"I want a speaker system for my room I can stream to, through Bluetooth."

"I want a music system that allows my phone to control the volume."

In the situation when we are given these guidelines, designing a new Hi-Fi setup for a customer, it's not uncommon for the customer to assume they'll need to get rid of their old setup to make room for new technology in their home. 

Adapters or receivers with either WiFi or Bluetooth technology, sometimes both, can be added to a variety of spare, unused connections on almost any kind of system. These adapters are relatively cost effective, when compared to a replacement stereo setup.

Under our Accessories section on the website, you can see a few options for just simply adding Bluetooth to your existing setup.

It's as simple as that, you've now got your beloved speakers and existing amplifier, along side your existing variety of sources, playing and controlling digital media wirelessly from your handheld device.

The way to pick between the technologies available:

  • Bluetooth is a ONE on ONE pair between a source and a receiver, e.g. A phone or iPad as the source, can send digital sound to an amplifier / adapter as the receiver
  • Bluetooth is usually limited to under 10 meters range
  • Wi-Fi can be used to stream to multiple receivers, for e.g. multi room audio control like Sonos and Bose's SoundTouch technologies, these run over WiFi networks
  • Wi-Fi range is limited to the spread of signal from a Wi-Fi router / access point
  • Wi-Fi can also be used for a ONE on ONE pair with less range restriction and potentially better digital media quality ability
  • Wi-Fi can also be used to allow APP CONTROL. App's as we know them now can turn any typical Smartphone or tablet into a remote control for Wi-Fi enabled electronics. Very cool. 

Feel free to visit our showroom at 1/1 Mona Vale Road, Mona Vale 2103, or give us a call at 02 8088 3088 to chat about options to get the best of both worlds. 

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