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Over the Rainbow why does this Matter?

Over the Rainbow why does this Matter?

Let’s stop and think how busy our world has become today and how this is making us feel.

“Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole; what a beautiful song with lyrics that allow us to truly escape to a place way up high and be who we want to be when we close our eyes.

I can recall a period when I was questioning myself after experiencing some obstacles in my life that just felt hard to deal with. When I was sitting at my laptop one day, I received an email from a dear friend who sent a link to this beautiful song.

The relevance of this song matters, as sometimes things do seem all too hard to handle and to control.

The advances of technology has certainly changed our world and though there are many new ways to do basic functions, we still hear from clients saying that home entertainment feels too hard to understand and operate.

Is there too much noise around us that we are not stopping to see the trees, smell the roses and see the colors of the rainbow?

Why do people visit us on a regular basis feeling frustrated and say things like:

  • I just want a simple way to listen to music again
  • It used to be so simple when we were young
  • I used to remember playing records with my friends and having a great time
  • I don’t want to just rely on the internet for everything
  • I want to experience listening to Vinyl because my parents used to own one before.
  • I want a warm sound from my stereo system
  • I want to declutter

Find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


I am here to let you know that all of these problems can be solved. The way we listen to music, watch TV and movies has not changed. We simply have allowed ourselves to disconnect and get caught up with too many distractions along the way. Yes there is an abundance of choice these days, but it is for that reason that you need to engage with a specialist, that can help you tailor a solution which suits your needs. It’s not about finding that particular model that fits all and does all, it’s about going on a journey of discovery. During discovery you can fly to the sky and escape with your music, or truly allow yourself to be encapsulated in the story within a movie.  

The beauty about our world today is that we have a choice. Everyone is able to enjoy the art of playing a vinyl record and listening to the warm pure tones of analogue sound, flicking through various records, letting the magic of vinyl warm your fingers. I’m always amazed when I hear from people who walk in our store and say, ‘Wow turntables are coming back!’. The thing is, they never went away they just got lost in the busy world. The evolution of the digital era.

We often refer to listening to music in 2 channel. In very simple terms this is literally listening to music through 2 sets of speakers combined with an amplifier/receiver, CD player or turntable. There is nothing too complicated about this set up and for many people this is exactly what they remember and still want to experience. There remains plenty of choices and no shortage of great brands and combinations that we have previously played with.

The world is truly wonderful but it is the choices that we make that will have a difference to how we feel. I leave you with this thought: have you ever tried on a fabric like pure silk, the finest cotton or the softest wool. When these fibres touch skin, your body talks to you in a language that is your inner senses responding to emotions and feelings 

Silk feels smooth and cool, and when you move, it feels like you have freedom and fluidity in your body. Fine cotton is soft and comfy, and breathes making it perfect to wear all day long. Pure wool is soft and sensual and so it’s a joy to touch as you feel warm and cosy you can’t help but want to hug yourself. I can assure you that when it comes to buying your sound system or home theatre system, the same principals apply. Sound is not only heard through our ears, but it also travels through our body. Music which energizes you at the gym or soothing tones to help you escape and meditate. If you think that your home is not deserving of a sound system, to me in my opinion,  you are denying yourself one of most powerful experiences and emotions that you can give to yourself and family.

If you begin to observe with your eyes, listen with your ears, feel the sensations in your skin when you hear a song, or are entrenched in a movie then I can guarantee that whatever your inner self tells you during these experiences, there will be no right or wrong answer when it comes to making a decision about what you buy. If it feels right to you then this is all that matters.

Dreams do come true but you just have to trust your senses. Just allow yourself to hear, touch and feel and you will be able to find somewhere over the rainbow

Music Matters in our world.

Carmelina and Brandy - qc35

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Tim Wilkinson - June 18, 2017

Beautifully written Carmelina, and so very true of the importance of music in our lives on so many levels. So many people I talk to have fond memories of enjoying music when the world moved at a slower pace, and something I too endeavour to encourage people to do again for themselves, family and friends in the comfort of their own home.

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