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Sonos Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale Products

Sonos: The Basics & Why is it SO GREAT?

Sonos is a very well known brand in home electronics, and has been for years now. 

Founded 15 years ago, they've been well ahead of the game when it comes to designing 'smart speakers' for the home for quite some time. Starting out with some speaker bundles, they added on products over the years to cover a wide variety of uses and applications, no matter what customers already had, and no matter where in the house it was going to be used. However, for a few years before the speakers and hardware were released, Sonos worked on development of the software, the application and user-interface. The software side of things has been continuously updated since and remains the leader of the pack.

So what sets Sonos apart from the crowd of brands trying their best at wireless multi-room audio for the home?

Sonos has an unbelievably easy setup process, as well as a sturdy and reliable infrastructure capable of seperate itself from your existing network in order to minimise network traffic and stress on your router / modem setup.

Sonos also has the ability to be competely reconfigured as many times as needed.

That means using your Play:1's temporarily as rear speakers for your Playbase when you want a better movie experience, and when its over, going back to a seperate speaker in both other bedrooms again. Easy. This configuration ease applies for any combination of speakers. 

Sonos has the best app, and then best range of online services at the fingertips.

Easily the best app for both control ease and functionality, you're in complete control of what plays where in the house, and at what volume, and whats queue'd up, etc, on as many controllers as you need!


Sonos have 3 standalone speakers, ranging from the Play:1 to the Play:3, and finally to the Play:5, all moving up in the power and depth-of-audio chains. The 3 and 5 also will perform in stereo out of the box. Any of the above speakers can be doubled in the same room / zone as a left / right seperate stereo pair! Amazing.

For TV inclusive applications, the Playbar and Playbase cover the boxes. The Playbar suits either wall mounted applications or where a bar infront of the TV suits, where-as the Playbase will allow the TV to sit on-top of the unit. The Playbase has a little more volume of air internally to work with and a very clever air-porting system, which allows a little more natural depth of audio over the Playbar side-by-side, both without the SUB. 

Sonos Connect allows you to adapt Sonos into areas where you may have either an existing amplifier and pair of speakers, or a active pair of speakers. The Sonos Connect:Amp will hard wire into any pair of passive standard speakers, this covers in-ceiling speakers, in wall speakers, even the traditional bookshelf size or floorstanding speakers. 

Sonos also have a dedicated SUB. This unit can be paired with any of their active speakers, even a pair of speakers being run off a Connect:Amp. This adds great depth of audio.

So their products really do tick all the boxes. The application is nothing short of fantastic, and the reliability when set up correctly is unbeatable. 

Start building your home's sound system setup; either a room at a time or all at once at Sydney Hi-Fi Mona Vale! Call us on (02) 8088 3088 or drop into the showroom to see what all the fuss has been about!

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