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Devialet Gold Phantom Speakers fir for a King

Devialet Gold Phantom “Speakers fit for a King”

“Speakers fit for a King”

Devialet Gold Phantom.

We proudly introduce the Devialet Phantom; possibly designed in the TRON universe (actually French). These are revolutionary speakers for their look and technology. Sleek and beautiful, these look as good as they sound.

This may be why the Devialet Phantom Gold are ‘fit for a King’. Jay Z and Beyonce are both known supporters of the Phantom and own several pairs. Beyonce’s record ‘Partition’ is also one of the most highly commended demo tracks. The speakers are getting praises from everyone including (who bought 18) and Andy Rubin (who bought 120).

With their patented Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) technology, these speakers have the ability to create extreme pressure to reproduce amazing sub bass that is hard to rival. The Phantoms lateral drivers are truly special and unlike anything you have seen before. Pulsing from either side of the speaker, these subs are anything but conventional.

Connect via Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or optical, to share music amongst friends. From any phone, computer or digital signal.

Blake With Devialet Gold Phantom

Why was Devialet right for me?

I am a DJ/Producer. Having great audio is extremely important to me. I wanted something to play my finished records and mixes through to measure for clarity and the overall mix. I am limited on space and already have enough cables running through my studio. What drew me to these was their unique style and ease of use. A speaker that can be connected to by friends to enjoy music without the hassle of switching aux cables.

NOW after purchasing these:

Unboxing the Phantom itself was truly an experience. Breaking the seal, the box opens to display a work of art. I was more excited than Golem finding ‘the ring’. Once I finished marveling at the unboxing process came the fun part, turning on these bad boys. After pressing the “on” button, a holy sound started to be emitted. It literally serenaded me while I was setting them up.

Using the Spark App, I installed the updates and assigned my left and right speakers. All while the phantoms continued to serenade my room.

Devialet Gold Phantom Packaging

Now for the trial

The biggest test was convincing my friends why I believe these were worth the price tag. With 4 friends out on my deck, I turned on the Devialet Phantom's. I let them play softly at first. It took some time before my friends started to notice that these white domes on my bench top were producing the sound they were hearing. Once they realised, they all wanted a go! With 4 friends fighting to be the DJ, the Phantom pair kept up. With 4 phones constantly connecting and disconnecting. It was amazing. No device I know of could do this!

Music is meant to be shared. Allowing my friends to share their music made for an amazing afternoon of seamless audio. With only 2 power cables, it is hard for me to imagine going back to a conventional amplifier and speakers anytime soon.

My Pro's/Con's


The Phantoms have some amazing points; minimal cabling, ease of use and a beautiful design make these an interior designer's dream. Needless to say, their audio quality and movement of air is breathtaking.


These are not speakers for everyone! The bottom end is big and heavy and while this may deter some listeners, for me, this was also the biggest selling point. They are also limited to a digital signal. However, you can still listen to analogue sources like Vinyl, if you use a phono stage with optical out.


Visit our showroom and listen to the Devialet Phantom Gold's for yourself. A high quality,  unique, breathtaking experience. 

Devialet Gold Phantom Lifestyle

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Sydney Hi-Fi Mona Vale - June 22, 2020

Hi Mauricio,

The Dante stick is an external device that connects to your phantom just like an input. As you need a Dante Control to control this. In the coming months there may be more news on easier ways to connect without lag and loss of quality.

FVO3000 - June 22, 2020

Hi, could you further detail what is needed to reduce the lag and be able to DJ?

Setup : Mix out – Phantom Dante stick – into one Phantom Gold Premier Ethernet?

Could you point me to what model the Phantom Dante is?

And finally, do I need to upgrade my Phantom Gold Premier to allow this?

Sydney Hi-Fi Mona Vale - February 19, 2020

Hi Mauricio,

There is a lag, unfortunately… There is a workaround and that is using a Phantom Dante stick from the mixer output These allow for audio conversion with limited lag. There are also a few third-party DAC’s that minimise lag. Hope this helps. :)

mauricio bacarreza - February 19, 2020

Where you able to mix with them ? no latency on the digital cable ?

Me - November 24, 2017

What idiot would complain about the bass?? If those low frequencies are in the recording, THEY NEED TO BE HEARD!! AND ANY SPEAKER THAT CANT REPRODUCE THEM NEEDS TO BE LEFT AT THE STORE. Thank u devialet for this AMAZING speaker!!

James - November 20, 2017

Interesting article. I’ve heard these are worth a listen and I’m really keen to hear them for myself now! I’ll see you on Saturday.
Get the whole Kanye West back catalogue ready for me!

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