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Home Cinema Designs | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

How we help you create the perfect Home Cinema / Media Room

How do we design you the perfect home theatre room experience?

First we start with a room, pick a room, any room…

The size and shape of the room won’t matter too much, because we can work with that space to make movie magic.

You need an idea of what you want to achieve, don’t worry if you don’t know yet, we can help you with that. We can explain what you can expect and what you should expect with certain spaces and equipment.

We will ask questions like.

  • How many people do you think will be in the room at once?
  • Is it a selfish room just for you?
  • Is it a room for you and your partner?
  • Is it a room for your family?
  • Do you want to have all your friends over for Movie Night?
  • Do you want to maximise the screen to the rooms full potential?
  • Will you be using the room for other things other than the movie blockbuster, like watching TV and sports events?
  • Will you be using the room for games?
  • Will you be using the room for music, playing CD’s records or streaming audio?
  • Will you be using the room an various times of the day? Or mainly evenings.
  • Do we have to worry about natural light during the day?
  • Do you like seeing electronics and speakers? Or would you like to have everything hidden?
  • Do we have to worry about sound causing a problem to other family members or neighbors? Or do we have to worry about other family members or neighbors making noise and disturbing your experience?
  • Do you want the room to have the atmosphere of a theatre, specific style or design?


  • Is the room part of a living space, family or rumpus room? A room that has a multitude of purposes where you can have the movie experience come to life at a push of a button, where all the equipment is concealed and hidden to the eye but at that push of a button the screen will descend from the ceiling and the trap door opens to reveal the projector Lights Camera Action.

There are more questions that we will ask, it may seem like a lot, but believe me you can never know too much about what your customer/client wants and needs. The more we know the better we are at achieving your cinematic dreams.

Once we have gathered all the information, and then asked a few more questions. We will start work on the design, now some designs are simple and we can give a rough plan in minutes and on the spot, some more elaborate or technical designs may take a little while so we will go away put on our creative thinking caps consult with industry professionals like builders, joiners, interior designers, electricians and even acoustical engineers as the specification requires. These are professionals we work with who understand what we are achieving for our customers, who all have a passion (as we do) in creating a great environment for your entertainment pleasure.

We have access to a vast range of amazing products, at every price point and quality level. Our focus is to create and work within your budget. We spend some time in helping you to understand what you can get at certain price points, what is the benefit of spending more and when should you spend less.

The furniture and furnishings can all add to the rooms ambient feel and so just as important as the equipment is the comfort level of the room, to ensure it fits the purpose.

From large screen TV’s to projection systems. Screens that sit above speakers to show the products and screens that are acoustically transparent so we can sit the speakers behind the projector screen and you see nothing but the movie, but the sound I superbly positioned at the right level so every person in your home cinema has the perfect audio seat. (just like at the movies only better).

We consider the distance from the seating position to the screen, to ensure visually the proportions are correct.

We consider and measure the available space to select speakers that are optimum based on your performance and budget level to create the right sound that will enhance the experience, the subwoofers are selected on size angles and movement of air, how the sound waves are effected by objects, furnishings and wall surfaces. We select the correct number of speakers to suite the room and expectations based on audio decoding technologies (don’t worry, we will explain this to the detail you need in order for you to understand the pros and cons)

You see, the focus is YOU – you are in control, you are the one (along with your family and friends) that will be sitting, relaxing and loving the entertainment system for many years to come, so its worth getting it right. Technology is ever changing, so we don’t just consider what is now, but we will factor in what may be tomorrow ensuring your investment is protected and current for many years.

Lighting is vital, depending on the room use, it can add to the experience or it can distract you from really getting involved in a movie. Light can be natural, artificial, it can be coming from the TV or projector, it will reflect and bounce around the room. Some paints and colors will reflect and some will observe light, we will help you to get that right. The last thing you want is the picture to be white washed because there is too much ambient light coming for the picture itself. We can fix this too.

Once the layout, design, products furniture and furnishings are scoped, we will discuss control, because how you operate the entertainment system could be the final bar on the pleasure scale

Ask yourself:

  • Do I want a simple controls system?
  • Do I NEED a control system?
  • Would pressing one button and letting the system take over enhance my experience?

The curtains will close, the lights will dim, the equipment will turn on, and the movie will start. Sit back relax and enjoy. When the movie is over the lights will slowly turn on, to a comfortable level – rather than blind you going form dark to ultra bright. And when you leave the room, the equipment will turn off, the lights will slowly dim and turn off in eager preparation of the next session.

All of this is possible and for much less than you might think.


So to recap.

  • Room Size
  • Room Type
  • Expectation level
  • Budget
  • Hidden or visible equipment
  • Type and size of screen
  • TV or projection
  • Acoustic screen, what gain? What ratio? (We will explain)
  • Speaker size and position
  • how many speakers? 5.1 / 7.2 / 7.4.2 and yes there are more. (We will explain)
  • What type of subs and how many subs, where is the best position for the sub to enhance the experience.
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Lighting
  • Control

Oh and what will be the first movie you will watch like you have never enjoyed before.

Simple, from nothing to something great – all it takes is a room, some time, some imagination and us – Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Home Cinema Design

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