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Confession as a Consumer

A light bulb moment took place this week when I suddenly starting feeling rather frustrated while vacuuming. Yes that boring but necessary task that needs to be done. I had purchased what I thought was the top of the line Bosch vacuum.  And I must say, I was very happy for a long time, however recently it would drive me crazy.  I starting getting annoyed as the machine would go into self-cleaning mode, making the whole task incredibly painful.  All I wanted to do was finish this job and feel a sense of achievement.  So what did I do about it?  I simply whinged and complained the whole time, building up a frustration within myself and my family, as mum (me, of course) was very unhappy.  I continued to waste time and energy on this task thinking I was going to get a different result.  What was I thinking?  I believe the saying goes:

 “Doing the same thing and expecting to get a different result is the first step to insanity.”


So my next move after saying “I have had enough” was to look online as Dr google knows everything (as millennials have told me).  Funnily,  all I could see whilst reading was negative comments.  I convinced myself that I had to go and buy a new machine and that I had bought a poorly designed product.  I too wanted to express my frustration with the manufacture as had I paid good money for this machine and was disappointed to read these comments.

I made the decision to pick up the phone, being slightly old fashioned. Yes I still believe in the human touch!  I wanted to speak to someone and get to the bottom of my problem. I was greeted by a lovely lady who said to me, “When was the last time you cleaned the filters?” The light bulb flicked on as she told me that it sounds like the filters are blocked and the machine is trying to self clean itself.  It's a very clever machine. I was kindly offered the instructions and was given complete confidence that this was going to fix my problem.
I can honestly say that once I cleaned the filters which were completely blocked, I fell back in love with my machine. I was able to complete this task with ease.  I turned on my music, continued with the job at hand, doing a few swinging moves along the way with a big smile on my face. With this confession I felt a sense of happiness had returned to my day.


So why does this matter?

Selling electronic components like amplifiers, speakers, turntables and Hi Fi, stereo systems, we filter many calls on a daily basis from frustrated people who call in when their Hi Fi system does not work. The frustration is real and let’s face it, there is never a good time when things break down or suddenly stop working.  No doubt you have a party organised and you suddenly think, What about the music?  Sure enough, nothing works properly. Panic sets in.  Great, more things to sort out.   I can hear your mind thinking, stupid technology, it was fine the last time I used it.  Who fixes anything anymore? Who do I call? Who can I trust? Where do I take this? A real sense of urgency is suddenly created. 

Now solving the problem may not be as easy as cleaning your Hi Fi system, but many times it can simply come down to a changing the input selection, untangling cables, replacing batteries or the good old reboot.  Being located so close to the beaches, corrosion from the salty air can be a common issue for customers in our area.  The age of electronics and/or a lack of use can wear down your components, believe it or not. So using and enjoying your Hi Fi as much as possible kind of makes sense.  Like everything in life, Hi Fi and electronics have a shelf life and at some point in time things just need to be changed. We call it "It's time to move on"

If you find yourself feeling frustrated like I was, rule No. 1, keep calm, there is a solution! Take steps and put responsibility into your own hands.  Seek help from your local Hi Fi Specialists, accept advice, take action and start enjoying your Home Entertainment without the fuss.  Moral of the story; call in the experts.  Life is too short to feel frustrated.  If ever you need support ring 8088 3088.  Our team can provide guidance and have you sitting back, dancing, and smiling with your Home Entertainment.

Your Hi Fi System Matters to us!


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Gareth Moffatt - July 21, 2017

Real people

Brendan Schuil - July 21, 2017

We have all been there! It’s strange I have little patience for most things in life, but I have a lot for technology and audio visual. Like you said I think that’s because I know there is a solution out there somewhere. YouTube and google have come along way in helping end consumers fix annoying problems with products. But I think most people still like to speak in person, so can I call you about my vacuum too lol?

Another fantastic read! Loving it

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