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Outdoor Stereo Systems | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Outdoor Stereo Systems. How we can help fill your space with sound.

Outdoor Stereo Systems. How we can help link music to your outdoor living space.

Creating your perfect outdoor living space with music simply starts with the living area, once we understand the configuration of your outdoor living space we can design and advice appropriate speakers to suit your garden and entertainment area.

Let’s start with how you want to control your music as this will help with solutions that are available today. All speakers need to be cabled back to what is known as an amplifier. Your outdoor speakers are no different to your indoor set up therefore making provisions to cable back to either a Sonos connect amp or a switch box that talks to your main stereo amplifier will give you the flexibility to start to control and have music playing in your outdoor area.

Sound and Position

We often get asked about positioning of the speakers as the challenge for outside, sound may feel that it is drifting into space or neighbours may in fact be enjoying the music more than you.  To avoid disappointment it is best to position speakers so they are not facing into open spaces, if possible angle the speakers within the area that you are going to spend most of your time. Correct placement of your outdoors stereo speakers will help contain the sound within your living space.


Placing weather proof speakers around garden beds is not new to us and products from Origin Acoustics, Bose or Bowers & Wilkins Polk all provide different levels of sound and design elements to enhance your overall look and feel to your landscape area.

How to Use?

Controlling your music from one single source always puts a smile on our clients faces. Let's face it, when you are entertaining you don’t need the extra hassle of sorting out your music when everyone arrives. Sorting out your play lists ahead of time is so easy with Music streaming services all at your finger tips. Sonos, Bose, Yamaha, Naim just to name a few all have the ability to give you complete control to create and spread music all over your home. Linking your indoor music with your outdoor area is easier than you think. Once all the correct components are set up you will be able to control and organise your play list all from a user friendly app. Use your phone, Ipad or computer to create your play lists ahead of time of party or simple search your favorite artists all at your finger tips. The only thing you might like to do is increase the volume if your favorite songs suddenly  comes on.

Book in a time with our expert designer to help create your perfect outdoor entertainment area.

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Gareth M - September 30, 2017

Good read and great advice.

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