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Why Music Matters! | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Why Music Matters!

Why does Music Matter?

Imagine a world without Music!

No matter what generation you are apart of, the sound of music can elevate the way you feel. Research has shown that our brain is made up of nerve cells that send electrical impulses known as brain wave patterns. These impulses are closely connected to our thoughts, emotions and mood. Music can have a direct impact on our brain waves, sending out signals that can alter the way we feel.

Musicians spend many countless hours composing a song and creating the right sound to express their narrative. The strategic use and layering of the instruments, the right beat, the lyrics, the structure and melody; all of these elements matter when creating a musical piece of art.

The way we listen to music has certainly changed over the years, as the introduction of digital has expanded the way we access and listen to music. Today we are seeing a definite resurgence with Vinyl and people wanting to experience connecting and interacting with Turntables. The Vinyl record on its own is a piece of art. The cover as well as the tracks all share an important role in illustrating the story that the artist wants to tell. A vinyl record is a masterpiece of a musician’s work that will engage all your senses, encompassing sight, sound and touch. Music opens up an array of feelings from happiness, to excitement, to sadness, allowing you to embrace a moment of solitude in which you are compelled to reflect on your life’s both private and significant occasions.

Recently, a client visited our store to purchase a Turntable; his motivation was that his wife was tired of the poor sound quality of streaming music online from their phone, which would then come out of a Bluetooth speaker. They had a collection of Vinyl records and remembered how great music used to sound when they would use their turntable. The client expressed his excitement to get home and go through his collection as he said that music helped to spark some memories that were becoming distant as he was getting older. While flicking through his collection, he was able to remember certain things and specific moments that happened in his life. He did his own research and read articles about how music can help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s. He was looking forward to setting up the turntable and the reliving the connection he used to experience when selecting the album, placing the needle down and enjoying the quality sound with his wife. 

Growing up being surrounded by music allowed myself to feel a deep sense of appreciation for the art. Many great memories were created as a result of music playing while home cooked meals were prepared and family meals were shared. We were very fortunate to have our own Hi Fi and Stereo systems in our family homes; it felt like there was a competition between my cousins and uncles about who had the best Hi Fi systems. I can recall the sounds from the Doobie Brothers, Creedence Clear Water, Santana, Bee Gees, Ricky Lee Jones and Elvis being regular albums, played on our family Sunday gatherings. Great memories to relive.

Listening to Music on quality systems allows you to enjoy the arrangement the way the musicians intended for their work to be heard, in its purest, clearest and most naturalistic form. Achieving the right combinations of electronics goes a long way to achieving the best sound for music. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy many combinations of components, however my favorite set ups remains the warm sound of a valve amplifier and a turntable with quality speakers.

So does Music matter? Well we were certainly born as social creatures and to enjoy life with others, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it when we are alone. Music acts as the company we may not have, and enhances the company that we do. It is one of those pleasures that can elevate your mood, make you fall in love and allow you to escape to where you never thought you would go. 

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Brendan Schuil - May 27, 2017

Already got me thinking about playing my dads records when I was little! Very honest and true for so many of us even if we don’t realise it. Bring on series 2!

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