Why I love Naim Audio

Why I love Naim Audio

by Mick Stillone December 06, 2018

What I love about Naim Audio is that they remain true to their origins, yet move with the times to be current and always thinking about the future.

Naim Audio's original founding values in 1973 "to experience music replayed in its truest and purest possible form. These values continue today. "The technology we use to achieve our aims will always change and evolve with time but our ultimate goal remains the same - to bring our listeners a deeper and more intense experience of their music." Naim Audio.

I have highlighted some of the technologies and the uniformity of one of their shining stars the Mu-So in this video review, albeit while having some fun at my own expense.

I am passionate about audio and listening to music, when products come along that understand where they sit in the market space perfectly it is inspiring. Simply put the Mu-So represents a step forward in wireless multi-room audio. Elegant simple and powerful. 

Naim has been producing revolutionary products since the birth of the NAP 200 Power Amplifier in 1973, the CDS CD player altered conventional wisdom in 1991. In 2000 with the release of the then flagship Naim Audio NAP 500 power amplifier the world took notice, a bold new design that would redefine Naim Audio for the 21st century. 

Never resting and with relentless years of development Naim created the Statement reference Amplification System in 2014, is was and still is the reference standard in high-end audio and music reproduction.

Naim Unit core Products

Jump to 2017 and Naim release the Uniti series of products. A range of revolutionary all-in-one players inspired by the unfaltering passion for music and enabled by 40 years of tireless innovation in engineering. 

Naia Uniti range

All your music in one place!

Great concept ? - yes. 

A new concept ? - No.

But Naim is not following any other company they are not becoming to any fringe social group. They are creating products to enhance our listening pleasure. All in one systems, that connect via their rich media application to give you music in every room, not just a convenient system but a quality system, with unparalleled connectivity.

Naim Uniti

What I love about Naim the most is that when they create products they are already thinking ahead of what and how the products will tie in together, the Naim Mu-So was released 2 years ago, followed a short time later by the Naim Mu-So QB the smaller sibling. These products link in beautifully with the Naim Uniti series to give you products that are all connected via the Naim app for seamless multiform audio.

Naim Audio has the most loyal customer base, once you own Naim you will want to own Naim for life. 

Naim with Focal Sopra Speakers

Aspiration products for your musical pleasure accessible to anyone who loves music.

Mick Stillone
Mick Stillone


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