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Why Home Entertainment Matters | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Why Home Entertainment Matters

Why Home Entertainment Matters

Home Entertainment’s History

The Television or Big Screens as we know them today, have become an integral part of Home Entertainment. It is hard to imagine not having this source of technology in our homes, as it is not just for entertainment, but means of accessing information. Advertisers also use the television as a way to reach and grab people’s attention. Can you even imagine if this technology was not in our homes?

Let’s briefly go back in time when Televisions were known as Cathode Ray Tubes. In very simple terminology these tubes were typically set up with multiple tubes or guns that pointed to red, green and blue pixels on a screen. Electrons would then be emitted to the correct colour using some sort of deflection method, which was usually magnetic.

The history of the Television is fascinating to research as various inventors’ experiments in the field of electricity and radio led to the development of basic technologies. This laid the foundation for the invention of the television as we know it today.

Over the 30 years that we have been in the business of designing and creating Home Entertainment systems we have seen the Cathode Ray Tube design change to Plasma, LCD, and most recently, OLED. Manufactures were being challenged to change their designs as market pressures for slimmer and more attractive designs was in demand.

This change, along with Digital Technology forced people to change from analogue to Digital, which ultimately snow balled and caused a massive change in Home Entertainment. Not only did people have to change their TV’s, but also sound quality became an issue. This was because manufactures had to sacrifice speaker size in order to produce the slimmer design, which was being demanded by customers, hence the ‘tinny’ sound we experience from TV’s out of the box.

The biggest change that we saw was the introduction of HDMI, a worldwide standard for connecting high definition equipment. HDMI technology transmits crystal clear digital video and multichannel surround audio all through one single cable.

Virtually every TV, AV receiver, DVR, Blu-ray Disc player and set-top box sold today comes with at least one HDMI connection. The challenge for many people when they decided to upgrade their television, was that older devices such as receivers and DVD players did not have HDMI outputs and so they were unable to connect their entertainment systems.

Manufacturers like Bose for example, were very clever in designing Home Entertainment systems that incorporated a receiver, subwoofer and small speakers. Bose were able to achieve BIG Sound from small speakers, which many clients fell in love with, as they were provided with an all in one solution. The ability to use one remote control to operate all devices was another great selling feature provided by Bose. Simplicity, quality sound and a design that blends all into living spaces without overpowering a room are Bose’s biggest selling features.

For those customers who perhaps like to tweak, and get more from their Home Entertainment, a dedicated Home Theatre receiver that allows you calibrate to suit your room, with separate speakers of your choice and sub-woofer might be the solution for you. At the end of the day, Home Entertainment can be customised to suit every budget and to suit your décor and both spatial and taste preferences and requirements. There are no limitations as to what can be created.

Bose - Home entertainment

Now let’s look at why Home entertainment matters

Our homes are a place where we can relax, where we entertain our family and friends, it's also where we can escape for our private moments. A home entertainment system provides our homes to be filled with great sound and enhances the experience of watching the Television or a big projector screen. Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy gathering around to watch a movie, TV shows, sports and documentaries?. Home entertainment systems make everyday life experiences much more exciting and enjoyable.

It's true! the Television is a source of keeping us entertained and for some people who are alone it can provide them with some form of company.

The way the Television is integrated in our living spaces has also changed. Over the many years of selling TV’s and projector systems, we have coordinated TV‘s and projectors being mounted on walls, hidden behind rolling artwork and also hidden in cabinets. TV is still one of those items in your home that most people feel is necessary. The challenge for people is blending the TV in, so it’s not a major visual feature. We can certainly help with ideas on how best to mount, conceal electronics and hide those cables to achieve the look you are after.

Home Entertainment matters, as it enhances our living spaces to provide us with an enjoyable form of entertainment. Why not watch your Movies, your favorite programs or simply listen to music in the comfort of your home.

Life is too short, so why not experience the best that life has to offer.

Check out some of our home entertainment range. 

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Brendan Schuil - June 5, 2017

Another great article and a very interesting read into Home Entertainment!!

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