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Sonos' Newest Addition: Playbase

Sonos Newest Addition: Playbase

Simple, Easy to Use, Stylish but Discreet: Sonos Playbase

So, you're looking for a speaker setup to improve your TV sound experience, but you don't want two massive floor-standing speakers and an amplifier setup. You want simple, easy to use / operate and visually stylish, but discrete.

The Sonos Playbase will tick all of these boxes. 

Sonos claims the Playbase can offer "full-theatre sound for your TV". Is a sound plinth setup going to be able to finally give us a full experience?

What the Playbase can do:

  • Take a digital sound signal from your existing TV
  • Utilise your existing TV remote for volume control (up, down, mute, etc.)
  • Improve vocal clarity and music & movie dynamics
  • Fully controllable from Sonos app (free to download)
  • Act as a music zone for your multi-room audio Sonos setup
  • Add a SUB and REARS for a spacious and full range, deep experience

If your TV is standing on a cabinet top, the Playbase is designed to support the full weight of pretty much any flat screen TV, up to 35kg to be exact. 

With calibration, which is known as Trueplay on Sonos gear, the playbase sounds damn good. The Playbase brings a new edge in depth of audio, with richer and more natural mid bass and bottom end extension, thanks to the inbuilt woofer with a nice air porting system. But this doesn't mean there's no place for the Playbar anymore. The Playbar is still the premium choice for a wall-mounted setup for music and TV improvement, or even if you simply want a bar to sit in-front of the TV on a cabinet. 

A simple, sleek stand for your TV to sit on, which will act as an awesome music system, as part of a multi-room setup with other Sonos gear, AND improve your TV and movie sound. All for under $1000? Yes please. 

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