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Room Acoustics for Living Spaces | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Room Acoustics for Living Spaces


Room Acoustics can be a complicated topic. 

When we mention adding treatment in living spaces there is the instant image of a recording studio style of insulation. But this is not the case, we can create acoustic treatment that can greatly improve audio performance in any given space and that treatment can also be quite a visual compliment to the room. 
Most problems exist in living rooms due to the nature of the space:

  • Hard floor
  • lots of glass
  • Symmetric walls
  • open spaces

You can greatly improve the comfort of your room with soft furnishings and creating varying levels on your walls.

In this living space, the curved walls and open nature of the room joining large dining and kitchen area crated a funnel effect where the sound was being swept through the house. the high gloss ceiling and smooth texture of the wall crated echo which effected vocal articulation. As this was the main TV watching space the TV could be heard around the house but due to the nature of the space and difficulty in understanding the spoken words which were muffled, the volume would be increased which would create more problems in and around the TV room.

We were unable to treat the ceiling which would have had the greatest effect, but creating an artwork style sculpture on the back wall was the next best option. We have used Diffusion and Absorption in this area to scatter signals and stop the wall from guiding audio to the opening rooms.

The improvements were instant. The volume is now lower with better clarity helping to better hear and understand the spoken word, even effects are clearer and more spacious. By keeping the volume lower we have helped minimise noise pollution in joining rooms.

The dark pads compliment the furniture and wall, creating an interesting art piece that is now another feature with practical application.

room acoustics | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

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