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Digital Analog Converter

Digital Analog Converter

Why DAC's are so important today.

DAC's (Digital to Analog Converters) are becoming a seriously popular upgrade to the common quality hi-fi system.

The way we listen to our music has changed enormously over the years; we no longer JUST listen to music from our CD player, the evolution of smart devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, smart TV's and computers has changes that forever. The problem is that all these devices have been designed to perform their core function, with the ability store and play audio files as a feature of that product so the resulting audio performance is not very good. All these devices have built in DAC's as does your CD player, the DAC is a vital component that converts the binary one's and zero's in the digital domain to analog so we can play through our amps and speakers. So a DAC is an upgrade bridge, it takes the digital signal and upgrades it in much higher quality before sending the signal to your stereo or theatre system for your listening pleasure. The improvements to audio from music and video files when converted by an external DAC are amazing, improved detail, depth, focus and image. (and yes this can be easily demonstrated)

Digital to Analog Converters are not new - from the inception of digital audio we have been using them, they have been the difference between cheap CD player and expensive players, the better you can convert the digital signal the better it will sound when playing through quality systems.

Today we are spoilt for choices with prices from a few hundred to tens of thousands and if you look at the DACs that are available you will notice that while the core function is the same, the process, filters, conversions and connectivity vastly differ. 

BUT is the DAC a miracle cure for bad recordings or low-resolution music files?

Always remember RUBBISH IN / RUBBISH OUT.. 

We are here to assist you in finding the right product for your system and budget, so please call us with any questions on 80883088 or email me directly at

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