Case Study Theatre System

Case Study Theatre System

by Mick Stillone June 03, 2016

Client enquiry:

Moved into new house, has existing 75" TV and Yamaha Receiver, would like to incorporate in room that has 4 in-ceiling speakers already installed and wired into cabinet.

There were a few scenarios we could look at, client wanted 7 channel system, but as this was a new house, the disruption to add surround or surround back speakers on the wall would have been great, I noticed that the front speakers were quite a bit forward and more forward than I like for front speakers, also there was no provision for a centre speaker in the ceiling. Client wanted good sound but did not want to have lots of boxes so book shelf speakers and centre speaker were not possible, also there was no provision in the cabinets for subwoofer.

7.1 system

Solution was for a Monitor Audio Sound bar which has the Left / Centre / Right drivers separate in the bar all connected to the receiver, placed just in front of the TV it did not take up the entire cabinet top.

Passive Sound Bars like the Monitor Audio SB-3 are a great option when you want a streamlined audio solution, because it is 3 seperate speakers in 1 Sound Bar and connects to any receiver with full calibration and levelling control you have the ability to create a 3 channel, 3.1 or 5.1 + Theatre system.Monitor Audio SB-3 Sounder

A wireless Martin Logan Subwoofer was added to rear.

Problem solved, a 7.1 theatre system which was configured as a Front Left / Centre / Right with Front Height Left / Right effects, rear surround in-Ceiling Left / Right speakers and Wireless Subwoofer.

TV will be wall mounted at a latter stage.

Please enjoy our Video of the installation the job did take close to 2 hours but we have provided you the abbreviated version.

Mick Stillone
Mick Stillone


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