Krix Seismix Cube Mk2 Subwoofer


Type: Subwoofer

Krix Seismix Cube Mk2 subwoofer will boost your music listening experience or add critical bass depth to your home cinema with the Seismix Cube. The Seismix Cube's compact design is perfectly suited to environments with limited space. The Seismix Cube uses a 200 watt in-built amplifier, matched to a downward firing 200mm bass driver and vent, with the cabinet raised off the floor via specially moulded rubber isolation feet. Simple and effective design ensures that the Seismix Cube can be placed almost anywhere in your room.


  • Amplifier Power: 200 Watts RMS / 400 Watts Maximum Instantaneous
  • Bass Driver Diameter: 200 mm (8”)
  • Dimensions: 375mm High x 295mm Wide x 335mm Deep Driver
  • Configuration: Downward Firing