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Pro-Ject - Vinylcare Pack

Anyone buying a turntable should automatically buy this with it. Pro-ject Vinylcare Pack is a very useful collection of tools.

The pack includes:

-Groove Grit Remover: Used to clean inside the grooves of the record

-Carbon Fiber Cleaning Brush: Used to clean away dust from the record as it spins

-Dry Clean Stylus Brush: Used to clean and wipe away dust and gunk fron the stylus tip

-Cartridge Alignment Card: Used to align the cartridge to make sure the tip is evenly balanced in the groove.

-Headshel Screwdriver: Used to adjust the screws on the head shell when aligning the cartridge 

-Tracking Force Gauge: Used to measure the weight or tacking force of the cartridge

-Spirit Level 360 Degrees: Used to check if the turntable is level on a flat surface

-Shock Absorbing Pads: Used to isolate the turntable from a surface to minimise vibrations from effecting performance


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