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Pro-Ject - 78 RPM Pulley Kit with Belt

Upgrade Kit to Play 78 Shellac Records 

The 78 RPM Pulley Kit with Belt allows you to retrofit the out-of-the box pulley system on your turntable, converting the available playback from 33/45 to 33/78. Please note that you will no longer be able to play at 45 RPM using this pulley.

Compatible turntable models for this accessory are: 
Any Debut series with no on-board speed control, 1 Xpression, RPM 4 & RPM 5 (exc RPM 5 Carbon).

Let's play 78s

In addition to the 78 RPM Pulley Kit you will also be required to change the stylus on your turntable in order to get the most out of your rare shellac records.

For Ortofon OM series you will need the 78 OM Stylus upgrade.

For Ortofon 2M series you will need the 2M 78 Stylus upgrade.