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Encore - 2.35:1 CineAcoustiq 4K Fixed Frame - Home Cinema Projection Screens

by Encore
SKU FS235AT4K100

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Fixed Frame Home Cinema Projection Screens


For those who want a dedicated home cinema with speakers positioned directly behind the screen, CineAcoustiq is the answer.

  • Acoustically transparent
  • Real Home Cinema experience - place your speakers behind the screen
  • 80mm aircraft-grade Trinity aluminum frame with beveled edge
  • Premium plush black velour
  • Split frame design
  • 4K & 1080p suitable

    Theatre White 4K

    Our 'Theatre White 4K' projection fabric is a classic texture free home theatre material loved by all sorts of movie fans.

    • 1.1 Gain, Soft white, Texture free screen surface
    • 4K & 1080p suitable
    • Perfect colour uniformity and detail clarity
    • Double-layered, black backed screen material
    • Mildew resistant and flame retardant
    • Thickness: 0.30mm
    • Wide viewing angle: 165 degrees

    AcoustiWeave 4K

    Woven projection fabric for acoustic transparency, so you can position your cinema speakers behind the screen and still experience perfect audio.

    Our super-fine 4K weave is finer than the projected pixels, ensuring you get the full visual experience.

    • Acoustically transparent
    • 1.1 Gain, Natural white surface
    • Superfine woven structure appears optically solid unlike perforated screens can
    • Moiré-free, fabric rotation not required
    • Enhanced sound performance - attenuation between 20Hz and 16 KHz < 1db
    • Perfect colour uniformity and detail clarity
    • Black backing stops projected light travelling through the screen
    • Mildew resistant and flame retardant
    • Thickness: 0.55mm

    Trinity Frame

    Encore Screens' aircraft-grade Trinity aluminium frame is made to high standards and has no weak points.

    • Aircraft-grade aluminium
    • Split frame design
    • Hand wrapped in premium plush black velour
    • Metal tension rods with soft plastic caps avoids accidental tearing
    • Spring suspension system ensures the screen fabric is held taut

    Premium Black Velour

    Encore Screens feature a specially developed, premium plush black velour. This material has exceptional light-absorption properties, meaning it easily conceals any overscan and allows you to achieve a perfectly-framed image with ease.

    Super Flat

    Encore Screens use an extensive array of self-tensioning springs to ensure the projection fabric is consistently pulled taut and therefore super flat, resulting in the most accurate image.

    Aspect Ratios

    Encore Screens are available in both major aspect ratios. We recommend 2.35:1 Cinemascope for dedicated home cinemas and 16:9 for general purpose home theatre and media installations.