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Encore - 16:9 CineMotion Stealth TT 4K Motorised Tab-Tensioned In-Ceiling Screen

by Encore

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Motorised Home Theatre Projection Screens

CineMotion Stealth TT

Our CineMotion Stealth TT screens are the perfect solution for those who want a premium home theatre experience in their shared space room. The Tab-tensioned design pulls the screen taut to achieve a super flat surface. When not in use the screen can retract into the enclosure which is design to be installed into the ceiling cavity.

  • Premium motorised screen with aluminium housing
  • Housing mounts into ceiling cavity
  • Tab-tensioned system pulls the screen taut, ensuring there are no ripples on the surface
  • Double-layered black-backed screen material with 1.1 gain
  • Fully controllable via IR, RF remote control, wired in-line control panel or 12V wire trigger
  • Ceiling & Wall mountable
  • 4K & 1080p suitable



    + Theatre-quality projector screen
    + Tab-tensioned for uniform flatness over the entire screen area
    + Housing mounts into ceiling cavity
    + High-quality screen for crisp, clear picture at all resolutions
    + Cleanable mould-resistant fabric
    + Double-layered black-backed screen material
    + Fully controllable using the supplied IR or RF remote control
    + Can also be controlled using the wired in-line control panel or 12V wire trigger
    + Aluminium housing is both durable and attractive
    + Easy installation
    + Low noise & high-performance tubular motor
    + Gain factor: 1.1
    + Suitable for DLP, LCD, CRT & laser projectors
    + Compatible with long/short/ultra-short throw projectors

    Screen Quality

    A premium projector screen is just as important as a premium projector for getting the best picture quality and the complete home theatre experience. The Encore CineMotion series of projector screens has arrived to meet deliver this quality experience.

    Double-layered black-backed screen material with a gain factor of 1.1 and uniformly reflective at all angles. Enjoy the texture-free screen surface for a finely detailed, high-quality image. The material has uniform diffusion while giving precise definition, colour reproduction and black & white contrast. It is also mildew resistant and flame retardant. The screen is literally a blank canvas for your projector in the best sense!

    Motorised Tab-Tensioned Screen

    This is what we call a 'motorised' screen. Essentially, the projection screen can extend & retract by a motorised retraction system. It's a great option for people who don't have a dedicated space for their projector and who need the screen to pack away when it's not in use. The high-performance low noise tubular motor provides smooth extension / retraction movement.

    This cutting edge screen combines the benefits of both motorised screens and fixed-frame screens. The tab-tensioning system pulls the screen taut, ensuring there are no ripples on the surface to disrupt your entertainment. This results in a clearer picture that is free from distortions. The difference is apparent when pairing the screen with an Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector, where any movement in the screen caused by footsteps or an air-con would normally disrupt the entire image. This tab-tensioned screen is immune from these interruptions!

    In-Ceiling Concealed Aluminium Housing

    This projector screen is an in-ceiling design, which makes it almost completely disappear when not in use! Perfect for use in a shared space room like a living room or lounge, when not in use the motorised screen can retract fully into the white-painted aluminium housing which is designed to be installed into the ceiling cavity.

    16:9 Aspect Ratio

    The aspect ratio of this screen is 16:9, which means it's the same shape as most modern TV screens. This is a versatile ratio, making it the most popular choice for people who want to use their projector for a variety of content (eg: television, movies, video games etc).

    The extra-long 600mm black leader provides greater flexibility when mounting the screen.