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AudioQuest - Klein Cable Cutter

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  • The Klein Cable Cutter is a must have for bulk cable installation and termination. The Klein tool is made of a hard steel, sharpened so that it will cut any cable without leaving a sloppy end.
  • This handy, economical tool handles most cable-cutting jobs with ease
  • Special high-leverage design gives it amazing cutting capability for its size
  • Cable-gripping, shear-type jaws cut up to 4/0 aluminum (not ACSR), up to 2/0 soft copper, up to 100- pair, 24-gauge communication cable
  • Makes clean, efficient cuts
  • Compact, only 9-1/2" (241 mm) long, can be carried in tool pouch or Klein No. 5112 or No. 5112T tool holders
  • Ideal for working in confined spaces