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Do you want a better sound system without spending any money? Blog

Do you want a better sound system without spending any money?

Like most things in life the best things are often free..

A walk along the beach, gazing at the stars, sitting with friends and love ones, playing ball with your dog at the park, great things that enrich our lives that don’t really cost anything.

When it comes to music there are many things we can do to improve a sound system that won’t cost you anything or not much anyway.

One of the easiest things to do regardless of technical expertise or financial status is adjust your position. That’s right move a little.

Getting your self in a position to really hear what is being played in your sound system is as easy as in, out, up, down, right and left.

First lets start with the speaker position, how close are they to a back wall or side wall? Speakers should where possible be toed in just a little, the closer to the wall the more important this is just to help with first reflections, more on this another time.

When you are listening to your music system, if standing up, drop down so your head is below the top of the speaker. Speakers have low mid and high range frequencies by adjusting your height position you can take advantage of all frequencies coming from speakers, if you are standing or too high you will loose much of the depth of the sound, if you have the speakers too high and you are sitting too low things will sound dense and muddy. When you get your height position right the improvements will be clear – very clear.. detail separation and suspended notes.

Try moving in closer to your speaker and listen while you do this, you will find the focus improves, also the image and width of the soundstage, things start to really take position so you can visualise where musicians are standing.

The results can be quite profound, what you are doing is removing some room problems getting in closer you have a more likely chance to listen to what is coming from the speakers and now what is bouncing around the room.

Close your eyes listen to your favorite piece of music and be transported to the best seat in the house.

"listening to the Focal Sopra N03 is always a great experience, you can enjoy the music anywhere in the room, but when you position yourself in their sweet spot it is enchanting, an experience for the whole body, what you hear and what you feel is heightened much like having Spiderman senses." Mick Stillone.

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