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Anthem's Trade & Save Back on for a limited time

Anthem's Trade & Save Back on for a limited time


Get excited bring in your old receiver working or not and start enjoying the lastest 4K Dolby Atmos surround sound and ARC genesis room correction with Anthem.

Why Anthem you make ask?

Receivers are essential for the true “Home Theatre” experience and not all receivers are made equal.

Anthem MRX series AV Receivers have some outstanding qualities that makes them a cut above the rest and for almost the same money which also makes them outstanding value.

Accurate processing is just the start and we can truly say that most brands would also provide accurate processing from Dolby Digital and simulated surround processing modes right through to the latest DTS-X and Atmos audio modes. But this is where the similarities stop. Anthem is not about gimmicks and fancy useless DSP modes, it is about real reproduction of the Audio encoded on the movie, about giving you what the maker intended. Power is clean and controlled, we find that volume levels are lower but the perception is you are getting more, it is natural and loads of dynamic range.“Its all in the setup”
Now this is where the magic starts, in the setup, Anthem has calibration ability like all other AV receivers, but Anthem takes this to another level and not just calibration! Anthem MRX series has ARC “Anthem Room Correction” that’s right Room Correction. This is no joke, this is a powerful PC based (or Mac) software that not only aids in the calibration but clever algorithms that with out too much experience make you an expert in Room Correction, full spectrum sweeps of all speakers in real time show you the audio frequency curves as they are and the improvements applied, you see and hear the difference. If you take an interest and have a little knowledge you can take this and progress further.

Simply put, Anthem gives you the control power and technology to achieve sound performance unlike any AV receiver on the market at this price point.

Anthem has been our receiver of choice not just for our high end home cinema’s but for any of our clients that want the best sound possible in any room type. 



Offer only valid till the 5th of January 2020

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