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A phono stage, or a phono pre-amplifier as they are sometimes known, are devices which boost up the signal from your turntable's cartridge / stylus so that a typical amplifier can 'hear' it correctly. Sometimes, an amplifier will have one inbuilt, being utilised through the "phono" labelled input, sometimes even rarely turntables will have phono stages inbuilt. In the case where neither of the above do, or you're looking to get more out of your setup, an external phono stage is a great upgrade point. Phono stages vary greatly in quality and feature sets, with entry level phono's sometimes being able to be used for 'moving magnet' (MM) cartridges only, and high-end units usually being adjustable between MM and 'moving coil' (MC) cartridges, with varying EQ setups and gain adjustments and impedance settings.

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