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Book Your Audition: Call (02) 8088 3088 | Email
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Cambridge Audio

Cambridge audio have been designing and developing audio equipment for music lovers since 1968.

We often advise our customers that when researching products you should first look at the company and design team behind the products, understanding their ideals and values will tell you much about the products in development. Cambridge Audio is a company that truly puts the user experience before everything, to listen to music and feel the music, most of to experience the music.

Cambridge Audio is dedicated to delivering audio experiences that genuinely move you.

As they explain – “We do this because we love music and we want to remind you why you fell in love with music in the first place. Its more than a song or a film; it’s a feeling, a memory and a moment.”

Cambridge Audio don’t follow others paths they go their own way. Influenced by their surroundings and culture drawing energy and creativity from their surrounds. Cambridge Audio make music products for music lovers and love what they do.

If there is a model you're interested in which is not listed please contact our showroom on

02 8088 3088.