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Getting more mileage out of your records.

by Lee Mcdonald May 10, 2018

There is something magical about music that we all love. The great thing is that we all get excited by different genres and styles because we are all different. It can shape our mood and make us feel a certain way. It’s like an extension of our soul. Certain music can have special memories attached to them that have a deeper meaning and this can be shared with others or totally personal.

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Vinyl records | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

OFF THE RECORD! - Vinyls revival

by Blake Coppell April 16, 2018

Leading up to Record Store Day (April 21st), it seems appropriate to look at the new trend regenerating record sales to the highest sales for vinyl in 17 years! 12 years in a row, vinyl sales have risen. We can see it in our store, customers young and old scrolling through our vinyl selection. Sydney Hi-Fi Mona Vale

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What headphones to buy | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

I Want to Buy Headphones…?

by Lee Mcdonald April 13, 2018

Where to start

Headphones are a selfishly, personal device. They have lots of different uses and there are many different types. This time I’m going to demystify them to help you narrow down what suits your needs.

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way to improve your listening experience | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

Ways to Improve your Listening Experience

by Lee Mcdonald March 15, 2018

In this article I want to talk about the ways that you can improve your audio listening experience. Sometimes the obvious and simple things can be overlooked so reading this and using it like a check list could reinforce whether you’re doing everything you can to get the most out of your music system.

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Music to my peers | Blog | Sydney Hi-Fi Mona Vale

Music to my peers - A generation missing out

by Blake COPPELL February 05, 2018 2 Comments

Today’s youth are listening to more music than ever before; Earbuds, portable speakers, car radios. Everywhere they go, through streaming media like SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and many others, they hold access to every song ever recorded. So why is a generation surrounded by music not interested in Hi-Fi?

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New to Hi Fi | Blog | Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale

New to Hifi? Read this first….

by Lee Mcdonald January 30, 2018

To all the people who might be ready to enter the wonderful world that is high fidelity audio, I wanted to share my experiences from the perspective of a novice coming into the store for the first time. Hopefully this will benefit anyone who may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the process of narrowing down the right products for you. If our roll is to assist you in the process then the more informed you are the better the job we can do for you.

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