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Sydney's Subwoofer Expert

Krix - Volcanix - Subwoofer

by Krix
SKU Volcanix-1

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Krix Volcanix Subwoofer designed completely in-house, (though it does use the ICEPower® module at its core), Krix's new Digital Subwoofer Amplifier (KDSA) has had extensive R&D placed on its performance and functionality.

Through the use of high performance Class-D amplifier technology and front-mounted control panels with a backlit LCD display which fades away in brightness after 45 seconds, all adjustments can be done quickly and effectively by removing the front grille and scrolling through the menu options and pushing the buttons to make your selections. No more worrying about pulling your subwoofer out of joinery and risk scratching your sub, or pulling out a lead out from the wall in order to make changes whilst holding a torch in one hand and trying to read writing that’s upside down!


  • Volcanix - experience extreme bass!
  • Amplifier Power: 450 Watts RMS / 900 Watts Maximum Instantaneous
  • Bass Driver Diameter: 305 mm (12”)
  • Dimensions: 506mm High x 400mm Wide x 470mm Deep Driver
  • Configuration: Front Firing