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Thor Technologies

Thor Technologies - A12BF - Smart Board

The A12BF should be apart of everybody's system to protect your expensive equipment against surges and to filter out unwanted noise!

SmartBrain has a premium filter technology called Dynamic Active Tracking. This unique filter has the best chance of "cleaning" electrical noise because it shields around 40% more frequencies when compared to other filters. It is an Active filter and can "clean" unwanted frequencies on both the upward curve and the downward curve of a sine wave (power). Most other filters only work at the crest of the wave and therefore miss a huge section of these unwanted frequencies that can generate noise on sensitive electronic devices.
There are 5 separate earth lines which is a hum/loop reducing feature. This feature stops component cross talk and ensures isolation between the 3 x AC Banks (1 x 1 outlet; 1 x 3 outlet; 1 x 4 outlet) as well as the antenna/F type and Data connections. True circuit isolation ensures best performance for all connected equipment.


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Product Dimensions: 350mm(L) x 45mm(H) x 140mm(W)
Supply voltage 240/V AC 50/Hz
Maximum current rating 10amps/2400 W (VA)
Clamping voltage 275VAC
Reaction time less than 1 nanosecond
Maximum transient spike impulse current 208,000 amps (equivalent to 52,000 amps using UL1449 standard)
Maximum energy dissipation 6080 Joules (equivalent to 2050 Joules using UL1449 standard)
Protection modes (all 8 outlets protects on all 3 conductors): Active/Neutral, Active/Earth, Neutral/Earth)
EMI/RFI noise reduction filter type Dynamic Active Tracking™ incorporating 38 separate protection components in 3 cascading circuits
Number of multi-stage filter banks: 2
Number of isolated banks: 3
Number of dedicated outlets: 4+3+1
Total number of protected AC outlets: 8
RJ 45 data protection: 1 in and 2 out
AV/TV Connection: In and out
Cable TV ‘F’ type connection: In and out
Earth potential rise protection
Earth leakage range less than 1 milli amp
Operating conditions: Indoor/AC mains
Operating temperatures: -10C/+60C
Cable length: 1.8m
Model No: A12BF