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Sydney's Acoustic Panels Expert

Sonitus - Print Panel (Single)

by Sonitus

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Custom print panel`s construction is the same like Fiber panel`s. Robust MDF frame and mounting profiles included. The main difference is the cover. We use a special full acoustic transparent fabric which can be printed. We just need your picture in good quality and we will do it for you. It is also possible to combine more panels to get 1 big picture, we just need to know the space between the panels and quantity of panels. We suggest that the space between the panels is not more than 12cm.

Images must be sent to us in JPEG format – these panels will be ordered directly and take 4-6 weeks to arrive. No Copyrighted material will be printed without proof of ownership.


120x60x6 cm

High quality poyetser acoustic foam, fire resistant FMVSS302. Acoustic transparent fabric.

  • Custom

Mounting:           Screwing to wall mounting profiles included: for ceiling you will need 4 little hooks and screw it into the frame.