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Rega - Mats

by Rega
SKU Standard-Blk

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Rega Mats

Rega Turntable Felt Mat

Slip this mat over the platter of your turntable to improve the sound clarity and quality of your vinyl records. Suitable for current and older Rega model turntables, as well as other standard sized turntables. These mats are made to not only appear great and give your system a bold look, but to extend the longevity of your vinyl records.

Colours available include: Black, White, Blue, Purple, Red or Yellow.

Why Use A Mat?
For as long as audio enthusiasts have pursued the perfect reproduction of music, the relationship between the turntable, the mat, and the record has been a point of discussion. A mats purpose is to reduce slippage and cushion the turntable, reducing noise picked up by the stylus and in turn, playing a clearer reproduction of your music through your speakers. Mats are typically made with either felt, rubber or cork.

Why Felt Mats?
This anti-static mat consists of felt mixed with very fine carbon fibres. This reduces the build-up of electricity, which would otherwise discharge during playback and cause pops and clicks. The antistatic feature also reduces the number of dust particles transferred to your records, meaning they stay cleaner (and play without pops) for longer. 
These felt mats are favoured by DJs, as they allow the record to be stopped and spun separately from the platter.