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Pro-Ject - VC-S2 7" Record Cleaning Kit


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Product Description

Pro-Ject 7" Record Cleaning Kit can be used with the VC-S, VC-S MkII or VC-S2 for cleaning 7" records.

For 7" Records

Consisting of a an alternative clamp and vacuum arm, the 7" Kit has been specially tooled to allow for the smaller record labels and further-in record grooves often found on 7" singles. The standard VC-S arm and clamp cannot effectively cover a full 7" record, so this kit makes the job much easier.

Key Features

  • Kit consists of replacement vacuum arm and clamp for VC-S, VC-S MkII or VC-S2
  • Allows for full cleaning of 7" records
  • Easy to install, simply switch out the 12" components supplied with the record cleaning machines as standard
  • Longer vacuum arm reaches to the end of the record groove
  • Smaller clamp accomodates smaller record label