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NAD - D3020 V2 - Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier

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  • More Connected

    The D 3020 offers inputs for your digital and analogue sources. Coaxial and optical inputs allow many different digital sources to be connected, from CD and DVD players, to set top boxes, media streamers like AppleTV, or satellite and cable receivers. There are also analogue inputs including a sophisticated MM Phono input. Far from just another set of sockets, this Phono stage includes highly accurate RIAA equalization, an Infrasonic Warp Filter, and features both high overload margins and extremely low noise. With V2 we’ve also added a PreOut for increased connectivity in the output stage.

    Power that Delivers

    Power output may sound small at 30W per channel, but like all NAD amplifiers this is very misleading, as a properly designed 30W amplifier can sound superior to a 100W amplifier from a lesser brand. With its very small form factor, the D 3020 will astound many for its ability to drive difficult loudspeakers to satisfying levels without adding noise or distortion.

    Stream with Bluetooth

    The D 3020 V2 delivers the convenience of wireless streaming with its Bluetooth® capability. Stream all your music from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The D 3020 even supports the highest audio quality Bluetooth, aptX®, which is becoming ever more popular for its excellent sound quality and low power consumption compared to Wi-Fi.

  • Audio specs

    Rated Power at 8 ohms 2 x 30 Watts

    IHF Dynamic Power 8 ohms2 x 60 Watts

    4 ohms 2 x 100 Watts

    2 ohms 2 x 150 Watts

    Signal/Noise Ratio (A-weighted, ref. 1 Watt) ≥90dB

    Channel Separation 1kHz ≥75dB

    10kHz ≥65dB

    Channel Balance 0 ±0.3dB

    Frequency Response (20Hz – 20kHz) 0dB to -0.3dB

    Total Harmonic Distortion ≤0.005%

    Maximum input level 5V

    IMD (SMPTE) 0.02%


    Standby Power ≤0.5 Watts

    Supports bit rate/sample rate up to 24/192 (via Digital Audio input)

    Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) Gross 58 x 186 x 219mm2 5/16 x 7 3/8 x 8 5/8”

    Net Weight 1.38kg (3.05lb)

    Shipping Weight 2.1kg (4.6lb)