Krix Graphix Mk2 Centre Channel


Krix  Graphix Mk2 centre channel will deliver precise timbral matching to the Acoustix main speakers. The same tweeter used in the Acoustix, Atomix, Tryptix, Rhythmix and Neuphonix means the Graphix can be used with a wide range of Krix products. Small and compact, the Graphix is the perfect choice for use in TV cabinets and custom joinery and the dual front ports eliminate 'boomy' bass qualities found when using rear ported speakers in this type of application. The Graphix delivers an acoustically intricate experience every time.


  • Power Handling: 20 – 160 Watts RMS Recommended Amplifier Power
  • Impedance: Nominally 6 Ohms (min.4.3 Ohms)
  • Dimensions: 180mm High x 450mm Wide x 300mm Deep
  • Sensitivity: 89dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre

Type: Centre Speakers