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GoldenEar - Super Sat 60 - Satellite Speakers

GoldenEar SuperSat 60 and 60C are larger, more powerful versions of our award-winning SuperSat 50 and 50C. They are designed to complement 60" and larger screens when used as left and right channels and mounted vertically next to them, as well as all screen sizes when used as a horizontal center channel or mounted on their optional stands. They provide a larger, more powerful, higher power-handling step-up from our SuperSat 50C when used as a center channel paired with any of the Triton Towers or with any of  the other speakers including the SuperSat 50s.
LCR Speaker
4 x 4 1/2" Cast-basket MVPP mid/bass drivers
2 x 4" x 7" Quadratic Radiators
1 x HVFR Folded Ribbon Tweeter Freq Response: 50 Hz - 35 kHz Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
Recommended Amp: 20 - 300 Watts/Chl
Weight: 5 kgs each
Dimensions: 88.9 cm x 12.1 cm x 7 cm