Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins - MT60D 5.1 - Home Theatre

Combining the clever little M-1 speakers with the explosive power of the PV1D subwoofer, and you have the flagship MT-60D Mini Theater system. Don't let the compact size fool you – it means business!



Hear every word
The same Nautilus™ tapered tube technology you’ll find in our flagship speakers is also used in the MT-60D’s little M-1 speakers.

Feel the force
The MT-60D's 'pressure vessel™' PV1D subwoofer is all about turning on the thunder, while keeping things tight and exciting: that ultra-rigid shape and opposed drivers means all its energy is dedicated to shaking your world.

Complete control
With its digital signal processing, PV1D is all about delivering the cleanest possible integration with the M-1 speakers for a seamless sound. Its simple touch-panel puts you in complete control.