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Bowers & Wilkins - CDA-16 - Power Amplifier


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Bowers & Wilkins CDA-16 Distribution Amplifier

Ensure the best possible sound from your in-wall or in-ceiling Custom Installation loudspeakers with Bowers & Wilkins' powerful yet compact distribution amplifier.

Distribution Amplifier

The power to impress

Bowers & Wilkins' 16-channel distribution power amplifier can drive a mix of in-ceiling or in-wall speakers in up to eight rooms simultaneously, all from one compact, efficient component.

Mighty flexible


Bowers & Wilkins' CDA-16 distribution power amplifier can drive any Bowers & Wilkins custom installation speaker to new heights of performance. Offering 16 channels of power, the CDA-16 can enable your whole home with sound yet takes up minimal space thanks to its compact 1U design. Its configurable specification supports bridging of its Class D stereo channels into even more powerful mono outputs, if needed.


 Audio Specifications

Load impedance range
>3Ω per channel (>6Ω in bridge mode)
Output Power per channel, non-clipped
>50W into 8Ω
>100W into 4Ω
Output Power bridge mode, non-clipped
>200W into 8Ω
Output Power total, all channels
>400W short term
>200W continuous average
DC offset voltage
Frequency Response (-3dB)
<10Hz to >50kHz, any load impedance
Frequency response accuracy 20Hz-20kHz
Signal to Noise ratio (Ref. 50W/8Ω)
>100dB A-Weighted
THD+N (1kHz, 12.5W, 4Ω)
typically 0.05%
Voltage Gain
34.9dB to - infinity, adjustable
Input impedance
Maximum input voltage
6.8V peak (4.8V rms sine wave)
Signal sense threshold
2.5mV (independent of Gain setting)
Wake-up time
<0.2s (If other zones active)
<2s (From all zones inactive)
Turn-off time
15 minutes from last signal detected
12V trigger input threshold
typically 3V (recommended input is 5-15V)


Front panel
1 x Power LED (unit active – White, Fault – Red)
8 x Zone status LEDs (Signal present – White, Fault – Red)
Rear panel
8 x 2-position DIP switches (link to global input)
1 x 3-position switch (power mode: on, auto detect, 12V trigger)
8 x input gain control with Clip indicator LEDs


8 x RCA (pair) Phono socket, line in (global in shared with Zone 8)
1 x RCA (pair) Phono socket (global out)
8 x 5.08mm Pitch 4-way Phoenix Combicon style
12V trigger control
1 x 3.5 mm jack - 12V trigger IN
1 x 3.5 mm jack - 12V trigger OUT (Maximum 100mA pass-through)


Power consumption
<0.5W All zones inactive
<45W All zones idling
300W maximum average
1,000W peak
AC supply
100-240V 50/60Hz
AC inlet
IEC C14, switched


Thermal dissipation
1.7 BTU/hr (standby),
150 BTU/hr (Idle),
400 BTU/hr (max)


Height x Width x Depth
44.5 mm (1.8in) 1U [55.5 mm (2.2in) plus feet] x 437 mm (17.2in) x 310 mm (12.2in)
Net weight
44.5kg (9.9lb)