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Book Your Audition: Call (02) 8088 3088 | Email
Book Your Audition: Call (02) 8088 3088 | Email

Outdoor Stereo Systems

Outdoor Stereo Entertainment


Now you can bring stunning sound to the backyard with camouflaged enclosed two-way satellite speakers and a bass-boating in-ground subwoofers. Create balanced even sound coverage directly into the listening area with equal volume, turning the whole outdoor space into a sweet spot without causing a disturbance to neighbours, all while remaining completely hidden from sight in landscape foliage. Amazing audio and entertainment solutions for your garden, patio and pool area, liven up the gazebo and expand your living space to the great outdoors.

Oasis of Sound

Unlike traditional outdoor cabinet and rock speakers, true garden entertainment systems direct sound inward towards the listening area, creating a paradise of sound that goes unnoticed by neighbours. The camouflage weatherproof coating preserves the aesthetic of the surrounding landscape foliage and keeps the system performing without flaw in extreme weather conditions.

Simple Installation with Seamless Integration

While the entertainment systems are simple to setup, we offer a professional design service  to ensure you get the best coverage for your outdoor entertainment area. Standard connection to existing amplifiers including Sonos Connect Amp provides excellent connectivity and links perfectly with your multi-room audio systems.

Landscape Audio Design


Call in to our showroom on the corner of Mona Vale Road and Pittwater Road and speak with our Hi Fi expert team.  If you can't come to our showroom, not a problem, we can come to you.

Call us on 02 8088 3088 or send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.