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Media Rooms

Media Room

Why is a Media Room different to a Home Cinema?

A dedicated home cinema is usually a space focused on watching movies, where the room ambience & the equipment are all focused around the movie watching experience. 

When we design a Media Room, it is a multipurpose space, sometimes within a living area or a dedicated room but the technology, equipment and environment is designed for a much broader use.  Often a large TV with drop down projector screen allowing for day time viewing with connected computer or gaming console. More lounge seating for social watching rather than dedicated Cinema style chairs. Many media rooms are also music orientated with the option of Stereo or Multi-Channel audio.

Call in to our showroom on the corner of Mona Vale Road and Pittwater Road and talk to our Audio Visual experts. If you can't come to our showroom, not a problem, we can come to you.

Call us on 02 8088 3088 or send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.