Acoustic Treatment

Driven by a passion for acoustics and an impeccable sense of design, Artnovion pushes the boundaries of engineering to help create an unmatched aural experience. Their stunning range of acoustic treatment installations are positioned with mathematical precision to ensure that your music reaches your ears with all its passion and vitality in tact.

Made using lush fabrics and natural woods, Artnovion's installations are gorgeous design pieces that add a sophisticated sense of style as well as unparalleled sound. With a range of finishes and colours, there's an Artnovion option to elevate every room.

Living room

Whether it's the music hub of your home, or your favourite place to entertain, an Artnovion installation will give your living room a warm and inviting feel you can enjoy for years to come.

An Artnovion installation, like our signature Avalon Flow, isn't just a stylish conversation piece. By absorbing the reflections that make a room sound noisy and unpleasant, Artnovion installations add a natural, comfortable feel to a space that will delight your guests and your ears alike.

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Media room

You're serious about your sound, and it shows in your carefully-crafted listening room. Whether you're a two-channel aficionado, a multi-channel enthusiast or even a keen gamer, an Artnovion installation will clear up your sound even further, offering more natural tones and a more detailed soundstage that will take your breath away.

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Home Theatre

Let the rest of the world fall away as you lose yourself in a movie. Whether you're flying through space, or in the middle of an intense car chase through the streets of Paris, nothing helps immerse you in a film like natural, clear sound. With an Artnovion installation, you're not sitting on a couch at home – you're in the passenger seat, right in the heart of the action.

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When you're making music, every little detail matters. That's why every room in a professional studio is acoustically treated to create the best possible sound, and some of the world's best studios use Artnovion. That treatment reduces room noise, and gets rid of unwanted echoes and distortion. The result? Instruments that sound full and natural, and voices have a full, warm timbre that makes for an emotional listening experience.

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Offices, restaurants, art galleries and dozens of other public spaces are waiting to be made better with an Artnovion installation. Create a relaxing dining experience where you can sit and chat with your companion without having to raise your voice to be heard over the din, or a conference room that sounds warm and inviting – all of these and more are possible with Artnovion.

Not only does an Artnovion installation improve the sound of your space, and make it more welcoming to staff and clients, their elegant, eye-catching designs can create beautiful feature walls that are both practical and attractive. With custom solutions available to suit any space, Artnovion is ready to take you to the next level.

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