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About us - Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale Audio Visual Hi Fi Specialists

Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale has been serving the Northern Beaches for decades.

Our passion for Hi Fi and Audio Visual started over 30 years ago, we both started our careers in the IT industry selling computer hardware and software solutions.

Every industry has a shake up and a change and it did not take us long to see that Home Audio was going to be a big thing for us, and so the journey began.

We acquired the Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale brand back in 2010; an established business in the Northern beaches serving the local community. The business has enjoyed many years of local support. Today we are proud to be extending our reach to greater Sydney, North Shore, Inner West with recent projects in the Blue Mountains.

Clients are travelling near and far to engage with our team of experts as finding the right solution for your Home Entertainment and creating that perfect HomeSound is what we do best. There are no limitations to what we can create, we can work with all budgets.

Our new showroom in Mona Vale has allowed us to showcase a wider range of products which is forever growing and changing. Clients can book private auditions, which works well, as we can dedicate the right amount of time giving clients the best opportunity to sit and listen to different combinations. We understand that everyone in the household needs to be happy so we encourage the whole family to come along. We are a family business who understand family needs.

"We cater for everyone, from the novice to the enthusiast.  We don’t just sell Hi-Fi and Audio Visual equipment, we design and install systems to help you create the environment you desire - from stereo to multi-room audio and video distribution to dedicated home theatre."


Mick Stillone :

Mick Stillone Training

Music has always been a great influence on my life - my solace, my companion, my motivation – marking every important moment in my life. I was never blessed with the talent to create music, so I directed my energy to create sound and theatre systems for my clients to relax, enjoy and share great moments with their family and friends.

I pride myself in providing solutions that are tailored to the needs of my customers and their budget. No room is the same, no need like any other, so it stands to reason that no one system will suit everyone. So we provide “best of breed” products and technologies at every price point.

As well as my passion for great audio, the pleasure of riding my motorbike makes the difference in my day. Fine wine from a crafted glass, brewed tea from a pot, fresh ground coffee in various blends - these are all things to be savoured and all the better for the extra effort.

Carmelina Stillone :


I share Mick’s passion for music and great sound. Music is for every day, for all your life, reflecting your every mood.

I am also passionate about customer service and making sure we create the best possible experience for our customers.

For many people, buying hi fi can seem like a complicated, intimidating experience. Our focus is to take away the jargon, make it simple and easy. The technology has come so far with speakers that are small and inconspicuous in your house and so simple and easy to use with touch-screen devices.

I’d love to see you in our showroom so we can demonstrate just how easy great sound can be!